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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Elite Loony Democrat's Mid-Term Elections Crumbling Nationwide

America - We Are Getting Sicker Every Day


(1442) America - Getting Sicker By The Day - YouTube


America is becoming sicker by the day.

You the viewer call us every day how sick you are and the pain you are in so we have created this program to help you.

Cancer rates are sky rocketing

Arthritis is skyrocketing

HIV rates are skyrocketing

Blood disorders are skyrocketing

ADHD rates are sky rocketing

Autism rates are sky rocketing

Pain in most Americans is also skyrocketing.

When you are sick - nothing else matters - right?

Of course - this has nothing to do with the chemicals in the air and food the GMO foods and the electronics now pummeling our planet.


Ronnie - you have managed to put together 3 oils that - when combined - do amazing things to our bodies.

I am getting call after call about things like:

1) My mom is in a rest home and I began giving her 10 drops of the Ancient Life Oil and she began to remember me

2) My pain has subsided so can think clearly now.

Tell me some of the stories you are getting on the phone about what this Ancient Life oil is doing for your customers:

Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount

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Elite Loony Democrat's Mid-Term Elections Crumbling Nationwide

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Mid-Term Elections Of Lefty Loony's Peters Out


Attention: Mid-Term Blue-Wave Election Petering Out - YouTube

Brought to you by Ancient Life Oil

  A most Amazing product

In an incredible report by Reuters apparently the Blue Wave is the Mid-Term Elections has fizzled out.

America has had enough of these Loony Lefties in the Democratic Socialist Party we now know as the NAZI party - home of such heroes as Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse Tung, Barach Obama and the Frazzled Rat.

People have had enough.

Despite the fact that over half the Demo NAZI’s running for office are now Intel Agents with unlimited budgets using OUR TAX DOLLARS America has apparently had enough.

Their entire agenda is to create a massive Plague and Nuclear Conflict to kill 7 Billion Humans.


Reuters - of course - gives fake numbers as their creator has admitted at private parties they lie in every poll for money.

In our polls - all across the nation  - even here in the Loony Lefty NAZI areas of Seattle - Legal Voters who are expected to vote outnumber the Loony Lefties 3 to 1.

That is a very significant margin - 3 to 1.

Unfortunately - President Trump has not ordered those who commit election fraud to be arrested for Treason or even election fraud. Until he gets the guts to stand up like a man - the Intelligence Community will ram these Loony Lefties down our throats no matter what the real vote is.

Pray President Trump has the Guts to contain Voter Fraud this election.

Further - the Rank and File of the FBI has had enough of their leaders ordering the complete and utter destruction of America.

It is these Mid-Level FBI and CIA agents who have assisted us in stooping so many Presidential Assassinations and seized so many Nukes ready to  go off in this nation over the last 12 years.

Many of these agents have kids, grandkids, wives, parents - all of who they do not relish the udea that they will be killed in a Nuclear Exchange put together by these Fallen Angels and their Misled Workers like Robert Mueller and James Comey at the top.

Many are now petitioning Congress to Subpoenae them into a hearing so they can gain the full legal protection against these Lucifarian Murdering Scum that now inhabit the upper levels of every US Agency and Department.

We shall see whether Congress has the guts to open this case wide open or whether President Trump has the guts to arrest these Rats at the top who are still trying to kill him and start a full scale Nuclear Conflict.

A Nuclear Plot is being put to bed this very moment near Vandenberg Air Force Base to start this Nuclear Conflict.

Israel now has 5 Submarines sitting off the North Korean Coast ready to launch about 35 Nukes and are currently waiting for the “Go Ahead” after the Nuke is detonated at the Air Force base.

SERCO is ready to send out the stories that the North Koreans blew up Vandenberg Air Force base, the Israeli Subs will launch their nukes claiming North Korea started a Nuclear Conflict and Voila - Planet Earth ceases to exist

Current targets now include Beijing, Soul, Pujong, and a dozen South Korean Cities as well as Tokyo and Manilla and 29 other cities.

This is why the Israel High Command is currently in their Deep Underground Bunkers.

Further - Angela Merkel has ensured that the location of these Submarines (Built in Germany) is know to her at all times so she too can go into her deep underground bunker at the right time.

What I can’t figure out is if they crack this planet in up into a billion pieces - what good are their bunkers?

Pray that this Nuke is fully stopped and does not get detonated near Vandenberg tonight or tomorrow.

Again - pray that President Trump gets the guts to arrest those trying to Blow This Planet Into a Billion Pieces.



1) The University of Southern California in under investigation for excluding men in their Women’s Studies Courses.

Hey - if Girls are allowed in the Boy Scouts, why can’t boys be allowed in the Girl Scouts, right?

If Girls are allowed In Men’s Study Classes why can’t men be allowed in  to Women’s Study Courses?

These Blue Loony Lefties have gone insane using OUR TAX DOLLARS.

2) A Legal Precedent was set when a New York State Supreme Court Justice ordered a 30 year old son out of his parent’s house.

This filthy nutcase moved back into his parent’s house 8 years ago and in January of this year they had enough and legally evicted him - but he refused to go.

So now the New York Supreme Court has ruled that parents have the right to evict their children

3) Deutsche Bank has announced they are officially laying off 10% of hteir work force. It will top 20% by the end of the year.

For all the tea in China I would not wish to be in the shoes off any CEO at this bank

When their investors determine why they are bankrupt - but they were warned by GOD - wowzers…



The living GOD will now accelerate his actions against those who have ignored him. So he has said it - so it shall be.


1) In the Loony left update Bill Nye The Science Guy - a PBS creation using OUR TAX DOLLARS - has stated openly and without laughing that taxing cow farts is a fantastic idea because Cow Farts cause Global Warming.

2) In yet another Loony Lefty article apparently they agree that Cow Flatulence is the main cause of Global Warming.

3) Yet in another Loony Lefty report by Metro - it is not Cow Flatulence but Cow Burps that are destroying the Earth and causing Global warming.

Is it any wonder that no one will vote for these Blue Democratic Loony Lefty’s any more?


1) In a recent study doctors at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology cannot figure out why women with Breast Cancer get cancer after a Mastectomy.

In fact - the ten year survival rates for all types of cancer remains at 5%, and has been for over 80 years now.

Perhaps the doctors never really addressed the caused of cancer, ya think?

We published the cure in the US Army in 1946 - over 72 years ago and it remains the same today.

2) Breast Cancer Drug Lapatinib, in a recent study, has been shown to  accelerate cancer cell growth - go figure.

3) Scientists warn that 5G Technology now used in LED Street Lamps is now only causing weight gain and cancer, but also insomnia, nosebleeds and stillbirths.

These LED lights you use in your home emit the same frequencies found in these street lights.

In Gatesburg in Northern England, citizens are reporting an array of weird symptoms after the LED Street Lights were installed across their city. Mark Steele, a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers - IEEE, has openly reported to his society that  since the installation of these LEDs across town the reports of Neurological Disorders has been skyrocketing.

And Doctors cannot determine the causes of cancer.



Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Trut


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Scientists warn that 5G tech found in WiFi street lamps is causing insomnia, nosebleeds, and stillbirths –

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

ALERT - Hawaiian Volcano Getting Worse


(1413) ALERT- Hawaii Volcano is Getting Worse - YouTube

Brought to you by Ancient Life Oil  a most Amazing product.

There is an alert tonight for residences of the main island of Hawaii will now experience a huge volcanic movement due to two reasons:

1) The island seems to be cracking in half.

2) The Puna Geothermal Venture Power Plant that powers ¼ of the island uses a very explosive lubricant and when the lava hits it there might be a very large explosion  causing part of the Island to sink into the sea.

The power plant has been evacuated as the Lava nears the area and most of the excess Explosive Materials have been moved to higher ground.

The governor is finally urging residences near the volcano, and on the Eastern side of the Island - to evacuate immediately.

In the winds shift from blowing to the West to heading slightly north the other islands will be blasted with very toxic gasses.

Please pray for the residents of Hawaii will be safe and to recover financially from the huge losses already being seen in this disaster.


1) Halfway across the world someone in the Emergency Alert room in the city of Lake Worth Florida, a city of 37,000 residences,  thought it would be funny to post a warning of a Power Outage and Zombie Activity all in the same note on their Facebook Page.

Ha Ha Ha

2) There is a Class Action Law Suit that may be filed against the CIA for operating a Hospital and using over 500 Victims to test drugs and Electrical Shock therapy on without their permission.

Under a wing of the MK Ultra Project over 40 people have gotten together over their treatment by the CIA at the McGill University Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal Canada for the last 50 years.

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation over 40 people gathered over the weekend at a Montreal Condo and shared how the CA Utterly destroyed their lives. What they did to them is beyond sick and no one has been arrested from this University for their open torture of these victims.

Pray that those who have, and are, currently torturing people for the CIA cease and desist immediately.

Yes - MK Ultra is still fully funded using our tax dollars

3) Stormy Daniels Lawyer Michael Aventti apparently failed to follow a court order for his law foim under bankruptcy proceedings to pay his debtors $2 Million so the judge ordered him to pay $10 Million or go to jail.

It’s not nice to lie about President Trump

4) Starbucks coffee shops have always been a place for the homeless to hang out - and now it is getting so much worse after a recent court ruling allowing their restrooms to be used by anyone.

I spent allot of time at Starbucks in Seattle after we did our TV shows and 16 years ago it was really bad. I can’t imagine them today.

5) Since our economic recovery is doing so well  - JC Penney’s has filed for bankruptcy.


The frazzled rat - the Big H - the one who tortured and murdered a little girl on video with Huma Abadeen - is going to Russia to speak for $1 Million Dollars ot reveal the Extra Terrestrial Cover Up at the St Petersburg Economic Forum.

John Podesta - who ran her campaign and spoke of murdering and eating children - is going with her.

This is how America rewards it’s elite Murderers.

Pray that those who welcome these scum into Russia are immediately and completely neutralized for all eternity - including Putins #1,2 & 3.

A warning to Russia - she comes bearing death. Welcome her and GOD will pour out his wrath on both Russia and the Russian Federation. So HE has said it - so it shall be.

We would like to send a shout out to Crypto Cooking on You Tube and we are going to help him support the Carmelite Nuns in Elysburg Pennsylvania as their goal is to pray for peace work wide.

We could use the extra prayer.

And a shout out to Patch Adams and his Gesutheit Institute for spending a life time trying to make doctors more - Human

In a different kind of way.

Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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